Innovative Solutions

The only system with magnetic sealing tape

Valedo BKS and BKS-T are the most transparent system available on the market, without aluminum vertical profiles or PVC visible weather-strips, these systems use magnetic sealing tape between glass panels.

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Slide fully

An innovation in the glass closer industry! With Valedo sliding system, glass panels can slide on the entire length and can turn to be parked perpendicularly on the slide rail…

  • Turn to 90 degrees
  • Totally frees space
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Transform an existent space into an interior/exterior space prepared for any type of activity

The advantages of having such a delimitated space and an open space, sliding Valedo System are an ideal solution to accommodate guests and create large spaces, extensible and open. When Valedo System is closed promises to provide a sealing against to infiltrations with air or water, noise reduction and energy efficiency.

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Get increased an optimized and flexible space inside the offices, conferences rooms and commercial spaces

Valedo sliding system allows multiple versions of delimitations, without any additions constructions cost, offering in the same time increased natural light and private divisions or transparent when need them.

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Customer Success Stories

A unique product

“Taking sides bigger than 10 m, we wanted to have the possibility to completely free the space, and Valedo gave us that opportunity with this product. Valedo Sliding System was really the perfect choice for our house!”

– Florin Brabete, Owner

All seasons! It just works!

“I do not worry! During the winter, the terrace is closed and I enjoy the interior space created. I can make a coffee or drink a wine or even look how is snowing outside! During the summer, I am happy to have a terrace completely open without any impediment!”

Petrica Dorel-Owner

Extreme conditions

“Every winter I had to clean the snow, the balcony was very vulnerable to the wind or rain, almost impassable. I didn’t want to use double glazing and I wanted a very airy balcony in the summer. Now I have solved all the problems! Valedo has a very ingenious system!”

-Radu Mihai, Owner