Retail Owners

Redefine your outside and inside limits

We can optimize at maximum the commercial space with various opportunities to apply new ideas for outside and inside. Thanks to the 4 sliding systems unique and personalized, to our building design support and to post-sell services, you can transform your fixed limits in flexible spaces, which share dynamically and adjust the spaces of hotels, restaurants, classrooms and stadiums, according to your adaptive needs.

Imagine using the sliding Valedo systems to create transit and multifunctional spaces which optimize square meters of the company. So, instead of open an enter door framed by fixed glass windows, you can retract an entire wall, expand a usable space, increase the accessibility and invite more pedestrian traffic.

How hard can be moved our sliding panels? Valedo sliding glass Systems are designed to meet the industry standards of commercial applications. The engineering of precisions and high quality materials are mixing for a complete sliding glass wall, which seals at air, water or forced entry, impact and structural load. However, it slides easily with one hand.