BKS Valedo Sliding Glass System

BKS Valedo Sliding Glass System

Suitable almost anywhere

4 Slide Rolls

Weight glass panels can be defined anywhere: down or up or only down or only up, and this because Valedo BKS System use 4 slide rolls with 2 bearings on roll, covered in Teflon for reductions of noise slide.

One rail sliding, unlimited glass panels

Slide the glass panels through a single rail

Valedo BKS slides by through 2 horizontal rail with only one sliding channel, and how are designed the rolls with bearings allows sliding panels to turn to the corners, no matter about the angle.

Minimal parking space for glass panels

All panels parked on a tiny surface

Gather up a large glass area and park all the panels without take up the space and in this way you will have enough space where to sit the table and sofas.

Be carefree!

Bottoming all the pivoted panels

Ensure that you put safety bottoming to the pivoted panels and be carefree if the weather might change if you are away from home, the wind will not move the panels! You can block any individual panels or you can only block the first airy panel.

96% Glass!

All you see is glass

Sliding Rail can be painted in any color, so only what you can see from outside is glass! Without vertical profiles, without PVC seals, Valedo BKS system is the most transparent system on the market!

Sealing against infiltration

Sealing against infiltration

Large open spaces are easily designed and there are many fitting options to choose from. When you decide on a system with glass which suits best for the project, the performance of tightness have to be taken into account!

Performances in any season

Valedo BKS System was projected for outdoor use, because there is a functional sliding system in any season.

CE Certified

All our systems have CE marks and are made according with the EU standards.

Reliability design

Valedo products are designed to work properly in a long time possible without service operations.

Seal between glass panels

Magnetic sealing tape between glass panels

If you choose a system to close terraces which is composed by 95% glass, why to not enoy of maximum transparency?

Magnetic tape does not yellow and does not get dirty easily like transparent PVC seals that we used in the past.

  • Almost invisible
  • Aesthetics irreproachable
  • Strong Resistance
  • Does not become brittle
  • 3 M adhesive
  • Profiled for a perfect combination
  • Magnetic – attract panels for maximum sealing
  • Up to 8 years lifetime

Connecting glass profiles

An addition for seal

The design and responsibility for getting a seal system continued in the case of profile glass caps too, shaped 3-stage design ensures that water will not penetrate into the interior to the covers level.

Resistant no matters the weather changes

Designed and tested to withstand wind

Whatever the climate zone where you are, or how strong air currents are, the Valedo BKS sliding system has been tested to withstand strong wind without any damage.

Tempered glass

Tempered glass

To be secure, glass heats at 650⁰ and then rapidly cools, this process brings a bending resistance up to 4-5 times more than normal glass with the same thickness! If the glass breaks, it will break into thousands of pieces to not hurt any person, being considered a safety element.

Resistance against shocks

In this video you can watch the resistance of glass and Valedo sliding system as well, when is acting mechanical.

Condensation Collecting Profile

The condensation does not represent a problem

If you are looking to close with a sliding system, spaces which produce a lot of moisture in air, like kitchens, you don’t have to worry that steam will condense in contact with the glass mounted on the outside. Optional pickup condense profile specially designed has an interior channel which will take over condensation from entire length of the system.

Intelligent Design

Condensation is removed outside

After it is took over by the inside channel, the condensation is removed outside, draining water under the sliding system. Based profile is designed with inclination, so as to accelerate the leak and remove as much far from sliding system.

Applicable after mounting

Collection applicable profile

If you didn’t choose optional from the beginning, the collection of condensation and drainage profile under the Valedo BKS sliding system, and you realized that you have moisture in the air which condense it on glass, don’t worry! Applicable profile can be mounted on the inside of system with only one adhesive. This will take the condensation and will drain the water in sliding rail, then, from the rail will be evacuated outside.

Cecilia, Bucharest – closing a round gazebo with Valedo BKS

Closing terrace from grounding floor and from a balcony with sliding glass Valedo BKS

Owner, Bucharest – delimitation of the space between kitchen and living room