Folding system with Valedo Sliding Glass

Sistem Glisant Cu Sticla Valedo Sliding

Slide the panels and the space remains totally free

Folding panels

Valedo Sliding System folds on an inferior rail with 5 channels and folding glass panels will pass next to each other.

  • Folds on the inferior rail

  • Panels park next to each other
  • Interior delimitations

    Threshold crossing

    The threshold crossing for the folding system Valedo Sliding has only 1 cm high, what’s making a perfect system for delimitations between kitchen and living room.

    Interior delimitations with sliding glass

    Double seal brush

    Because glass panels folds one next to each other, Folding System with Valedo Sliding use seal brushes between glass panels.

    Tightness between glass panels

    10 m in length

    The inferior rail has 5 sliding channels, through can slide 5 panels in one side and 5 panels in the opposite side.

    Resistance unbeatable

    Blocking system of rollers

    You don’t have to worry that glass panels will jump from the sliding rail! Sliding rollers from inferior side has a blocking system in the rail, making Valedo Sliding System to be the most strength sliding system from this category.

    Tightness high balcony

    Special rail for increasing tightness

    In the case of balconies, you can use the special rail where folding profile collides with sliding rail.

    Large glass spaces

    Up to 3 m tall

    Valedo Sliding System can operate with panels with sizes up to 100 cm wide and 300 cm high, so a bigger space will be selected in a smaller number of panels.

    Turn a glass panel in a practice door

    Sliding rail for balcony

    Whether it’s about an inside delimitation, an entrance terrace or any other situation when it’s necessary a sliding glass wall that can be accessed from inside and outside, you can choose for a doorknob with hub which will transform your glass panel in a practical and functional door.

    Sandblasted glass

    Sandblasted glass – a personalized space

    By sandblasted glass you can get a space, whether commercial or for offices, personalized or professional, a sandblasted glass wall can stand out and be easy to remember, and also earns extra privacy inside.