Glass Terraces Closing – BKS-T Valedo Sliding Glass System

BKS-T Valedo Sliding Glass System

The smallest rail market

Threshold crossing

Lower guide rail has been redesigned so as not to form an obstacle.

  • Only two cm high
  • Very rounded
  • Apply on the floor
  • It is not necessary to hide the rail in the floor

One rail sliding, unlimited glass panels

Slide all the glass panels through a single rail

The upper rail of Valedo BKS-T has one sliding channel, and how are designed the rolls with bearings allows sliding panels to turn to the corners, no matter about the angle.

Minimal parking space for glass panels

Slides and Revolves

They are sliding every glass panel and revolved perpendicular on the sliding rail. Panels can be revolved and parked in only one part, or in the both, according to the configuration chosen.

Fixed glass wall? Mobil? Both!

First panel used like an access door

Transform your sliding system with glass in a glass wall with burglar role and use the first panel like an access door which can be closed like a normal door, by installing a hub handles!

Simply elegant!

Without vertical profiles

Removing vertical frames between every panel creates an amazing result, which minimizes visual distractions.

Sealing against infiltration

Sealing against infiltration

Large open spaces are easily designed and there are many fitting options to choose from. When you decide on a system with glass which suits best for the project, the performance of tightness have to be taken into account!

Performances in any season

Valedo BKS System was projected for outdoor use, because there is a functional sliding system in any season.

CE Certified

All our systems have CE marks and are made according with the EU standards.

Reliability design

Valedo products are designed to work properly in a long time possible without service operations.

Sealing between glass panels

Magnetic sealing tape between glass panels

If you choose a system to close terraces which is composed by 95% glass, why to not enoy of maximum transparency?

Magnetic tape does not yellow and does not get dirty easily like transparent PVC seals that we used in the past.

  • Almost invisible
  • Aesthetics irreproachable
  • Strong Resistance
  • Does not become brittle
  • 3 M adhesive
  • Profiled for a perfect combination
  • Magnetic – attract panels for maximum sealing
  • Up to 8 years lifetime

Resistant no matters the weather changes

Designed and tested to withstand wind

Whatever the climate zone where you are, or how strong air currents are, the Valedo BKS-T sliding system has been tested to withstand strong wind without any damage.

Large glass spaces

Up to 3 m tall

Closings terraces with sliding glass with great heights using Valedo BKS-T system it will create an amazing glass space! If you want a more enlightened terrace, protected during the winter but with the option to free it entirely during the summer, glass space dimensions are no longer a problem!

Turn a glass panel in a practice door

Doorknob with hub

Whether it’s about an inside delimitation, an entrance terrace or any other situation when it’s necessary a sliding glass wall that can be accessed from inside and outside, you can choose for a doorknob with hub which will transform your glass panel in a practical and functional door.

Sandblasted glass

Sandblasted glass – a personalized space

By sandblasted glass you can get a space, whether commercial or for offices, personalized or professional, a sandblasted glass wall can stand out and be easy to remember, and also earns extra privacy inside.

rish pub, Constanta – delimitation of an inside space with Valedo BKS-T

Closing balcony with Valedo BKS T, with crossing profile

Owner, Bucharest – Delimitation space between kitchen and living room