Valedo Showcase Sliding Glass System

Valedo Showcase Sliding Glass System

Slide the panels and the space remains totally free

Without inferior rail

Showcase Valedo System slides on a single slide rail mounted in the upper side. The floor remains completely free without any other profile.

  • Just slides on a single superior rail

  • The panels park thanks to the parking end system
  • Large panels – high strength

    Block in the floor

    Ensure every glass panel using block in the floor and get strength for system.

    Merge glass panels

    Merge glass panels

    Merge glass panels system will ensure that entire glass wall will work like an assembly with a maximum resistance against mechanical shocks.

    Glass panels parking is on a special rail

    Parking glass panels is done on two parallel rails with curved guide for a drive easier. Thanks to the design of the upper rail and parking system, Valedo Showcase allows masking the upper rail in the ceiling, so when the bottle is parked nothing remains visible.

    Interior delimitations with sliding glass

    Removable glass wall

    Divide your space optimizing the halls in the configuration which you want! Simply slide the glass panels and share a room in 2, each room with her functionality, and when you need park the glass panels and come back to the large space like before.

    High Tightness

    Brush seal

    Because Valedo ShowCase sliding system is not using an inferior profile, the floor tightness is ensured by 2 brushes placed on the profile where in fixed the glass.

    Seal between glass panels

    Magnetic sealing tape between glass panels

    If you choose a system to close terraces which is composed by 95% glass, why to not enoy of maximum transparency?
    Magnetic tape does not yellow and does not get dirty easily like transparent PVC seals that we used in the past.

    • Almost invisible
    • Aesthetics irreproachable
    • Strong Resistance
    • Does not become brittle
    • 3 M adhesive
    • Profiled for a perfect combination
    • Magnetic – attract panels for maximum sealing
    • Up to 8 years lifetime

    Large glass spaces

    Up to 3.5 m tall

    Valedo ShowCase System can operate with panels with sizes up to 120 cm wide and 350 cm high, so a larger space will be selected into a number of panels smaller.

    Turn a glass panel in a practice door

    Doorknob with hub

    Whether it’s about an inside delimitation, an entrance terrace or any other situation when it’s necessary a sliding glass wall that can be accessed from inside and outside, you can choose for a doorknob with hub which will transform your glass panel in a practical and functional door.

    Sandblasted glass

    Sandblasted glass – a personalized space

    By sandblasted glass you can get a space, whether commercial or for offices, personalized or professional, a sandblasted glass wall can stand out and be easy to remember, and also earns extra privacy inside.